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Test prep without stress, wherever you are. 

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Test Prep for SAT - Dr. Kelly Frindell


Fit it in around your schedule and life. I work with students all across the country. No travel time and from the comfort of home. 

Test Prep for ACT - Dr. Kelly Frindell


My programs are customized to suit you. I work with you where you're at, and tailor the content to help you excel. 

Test Prep for ISEE - Dr. Kelly Frindell


I've been teaching test prep for over 20 years and pride myself on helping students perform at their best both mentally & academically.

I get results! 

I have worked with thousands of students preparing for the SAT/ACT and the SSAT/ISEE over the past 20 years, and I know what it takes to help students increase their performance in the shortest amount of time - and enjoy the process! 

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Test Prep Tutor - Dr. Kelly Frindell

Hi, I'm Dr. Kelly

I graduated with honors from Trinity University with Bachelor in Psychology, and I hold a PhD in Public Health. I have been teaching test prep since 2001, and I know these tests backwards and forwards. I specialize in preparing students for the SAT, ACT, SSAT, and ISEE.

My level of expertise and excellence will help your child to reach his or her own level of success. 

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Test Prep Packages

All package fees include private tutoring sessions, supplemental materials, and practice tests.  Individual sessions may be purchased as an add-on to any package if more sessions as needed. 

Sessions take place from wherever you are, online using Zoom.

All packages include individual sessions, as well as supplementary online material that will be completed between sessions.  This work can be completed whenever and wherever your child happens to be.

I have a natural affinity with teenagers and work with students to track their measurable progress. Working with students individually, I get to know them, what their motivations are, and I use that to encourage their results. 

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If you want to discuss your child's educational aspirations and see if I am the right tutor to get them there, let's chat. 

Hit the button below to book a free 30 minute consultation with me so  we can see if we are a good match. 

I look forward to talking with you soon. 


Why test preparation is so critical

This can be a stressful time in the families life and I want to help alleviate that. Many students have been fooled that their whole future comes down to this one test and if they perform poorly, that they will never get into college. 

From the students I often hear them saying things like "My friends took it and they got a 35 and didn't even study. I got a 24. What's wrong with me? Why am I not good enough?"

Parents often share with me their fear that they're worried that their kid isn't doing well enough. 

All of this anxiety can definitely impede performance so as well as the academic, this is something that we go through in Test Prep. 

We set realistic expectations and I design an individual program for your child to help them work towards it in an achievable and sustainable way. 

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What Others are Saying ...

Testimonials as Test Prep Tutor - Dr. Kelly Frindell

Martha Fitzwater Pigott  -  Attorney and Counselor of Law


I contacted Dr. Frindell, with specific goals—and a compressed timeline—to prep our son for both the ACT and SAT.

She responded immediately. Scheduling was simple, and online. Our son felt much more confident, after the first session.

In between his sessions, he had specific tasks upon which to work. He felt completely at ease, with Dr. Frindell.

The pricing was extremely reasonable, and very well worth it. Our son was awarded a scholarship, based upon his standardized test scores, offsetting the tuition that my husband and I will pay, for a four-year, private university.

I’m hopeful that Dr. Frindell will be able to assist my family in the future, as our son hopes to attend graduate school.

Testimonials as Test Prep Expert - Dr. Kelly Frindell

Margo Lee, PhD  -  President, Association of Women in Science

My family has loved working with Dr. Kelly Frindell for many years. From grade school to university, we have depended on Kelly to help us get our three children ready for tests such as the ISEE, ACT, SAT and tutoring help on difficult school subjects.

Kelly is very easy to work with, flexible with our children’s changing needs, and has a gentle, confidence in her work and approach to the material that has rubbed off on every child our family has sent her.

Originally, we started out with a school recommended program that did not help our child much, but quickly went to work with Kelly who made a plan to help the areas in the test that were a problem. Her consistent teaching with the material and test strategies, knowledge of the testing process and schedules, and positive outlook helped our children gain so much confidence going into testing and her focused work with them has increased their test scores on an amazing scale.

My children look forward to working with Kelly and ask me if they can work with her again every time they have a test. She has consistently brought out the best in all my children with her tutoring skills, test prep and has greatly boosted their confidence in the testing process. I definitely recommend her for anyone needing help with testing! 

Testimonials for Test Prep Tutoring - Dr. Kelly Frindell

Parker P. - Age 17


For the past few months, I have gotten to know Kelly. Her kindness and cordiality have been contagious and she always looks at the glass half full.

I have learning issues and she is always extremely patient with me even if we have to go over certain explanations several times. She never makes me feel “slow” or “stupid” rather it is a process in which I learn from my mistakes and feel good doing that. This kind of patience only exists in those who truly care about their students.

Kelly never fails to be on time and is understanding when I can’t make it to a session or am feeling tired some days. She is willing to do a lot when it comes to her students like waking up hours before she normally does just to accommodate for her student’s time constraints. Again, she does this with no hesitation.


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