The Spring SAT/ACT Tests are Canceled. Now what?

Uncategorized Mar 29, 2020

Hi Parents,

If you have a child in high school, you've likely heard that the April ACT and May SAT have been cancelled. You're not alone in wondering what this might mean for your child's future, particularly if your child is a junior.

On a practical level, the June 6th SAT test is still on the schedule, along with not-yet-announced test dates for late August and early November.

The June 13th ACT is also still scheduled, along with test dates on July 18th, and September 12th.

On a more personal level, your child may feel quite stressed about what these changes will mean for their future.

Please remind your child that all high school juniors are facing the same situation across the entire country. Colleges know this, and they will make shifts accordingly.

And even though the spring tests are cancelled, there are still several more opportunities to take the tests before applications will be due.

There is still time.

There are still options.

The biggest obstacle I hear from my students...

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